This is a pretty typical 4 layer taco dip. It always gets rave reviews at my parties and I'm always being asked for the recipe. I'm not sure where this originally comes from, I got it from my mom.


First Layer:
    Take the small can of refried beans, heat and mix with the 13oz. of cream cheese. Put in bottom of dish while warm. (The dish should be a casserole dish or a baking pan of about the same size.)
Second Layer:
    Mix small 1 cup of sour cream, taco seasoning mix. Use taco seasoning to taste (I use the whole package). Spread over First Layer.
Third Layer:
    Mix mashed avocados, garlic powder, salt, 1/2 cup sour cream, tabasco, lemon juice, and 1 chopped green onion. Mix to a smooth consistency. Spread over Second Layer. (I put in 3 or 4 dashes of tabasco.)
    Avocado tip: cut them to the pit around the center, twist, and scoop out each half.
Fourth Layer:
    Sprinkle chopped tomato, the rest of the green onions chopped, and grated cheddar cheese over the top. (I usually throw in a handfull of shredded iceburg lettuce and some sliced black olives. I mix these together in a seperate bowl, then sprinkle the mix over the top.)
Now your done. Get some tortilla chips and enjoy or refrigerate for later use. I usually purchase reduced fat/low sodium/etc for proccessed ingredents and fresh ingrediants for the rest. If at all possible use ripe avocados instead of quacamole. If that is impossible (like the last time I made it) try to find some really good quacamole, it makes a huge difference.

dannye suggests cutting way down or leaving the cream cheese out and adding sliced black olives to the garnish. Personally I love the cream cheese. The black olives were a great idea and will be a regular part of it when I make it.