Weezer is a rock band formed in 1993. Style? geek! Ok, ok, alternative or guitar-driven pop-punk. Influenced by Cheap Trick, the Pixies, and Kiss. The band is: Rivers Cuomo - vox, guitar; Matt Sharp(93-99?)/Mikey Welsh(99?-) - bass; Patrick Wilson - drums; and Brian Bell - guitar. thanks to pyro for the bassist change info

After their self-titled album Cuomo went back to school at Harvard and Sharp and Wilson formed The Rentals. This was not the end of Weezer, they were merely on hiatus, and they got back together for Pinkerton. This album didn't go over as well partly because Cuomo didn't want to just make a bunch of clever videos. This didn't upset the other band members too much they all had solo projects they were working on too. But is this the end of Weezer? Only time will tell.

Update: It was not the end of Weezer. Rivers Cuomo finished school and the band started practicing and touring again. They hit the studio and released a new album on May 15, 2001. It is self-titled much like the first album, except this time the back ground is green.

Off the blue album they had such great songs like "Buddy Holly", "Undone - The Sweater Song", "In the garage", "The World Has Turned And Left Me Here", well damn it the whole album is good. Off Pinkerton I'm partial to "Butterfly" and "Pink Triangle".

After listening to the green album a few times, I like it. I do think it is short, but all the Weezer albums only have 10 songs, so it does keep with tradition. My personal favorites in no particular order: "Island In The Sun", "O Girlfriend", "Photograph", and "Crab". While there is no "In The Garage", or "The World Has Turned And Left Me Here", I'm happy with the album.

Maladroit -- Geffen Records (2002)
self-titled -- Geffen Records (2001) (the green album)
Pinkerton -- Geffen Records (1996)
self-titled -- DGC (1994) (the blue album)
The Good Life - OZ EP -- ?? (1996)
El Sorcho -- ?? (1996)
Undone (The Sweater Song) -- Geffen Records (1994)