Hi, we're the Impossibles from Austin, Texas!

A rock band from Austin, TX. Their style is Ska-Punk with some pop and alternative rock thrown in. There are no horns in the band. I usually say they are like The Hippos without horns or The Ataris with a more ska sound. I've heard many people say they are similar to Weezer, which I agree with, but they are slightly more punk at times and more ska then them. If you like Weezer definitely check this band out. Wow, all that just to explain what they sound like. I'm a dork, but these guys ROCK! These guys write what I consider to be some really great/fun/interesting lyrics.

They released their first album, self-titled, in 1997 and followed that up with an EP, Back for the Attack, in 1998. They disbanded after the EP. This wasn't the end of The Impossibles though. In 1999 they released an Anthology album which includes all their songs off their first album and their EP plus some additional tracks that never made it on an album. In 2000 they got back together and released the album Return.

They have been touring to promote the new album. I saw them when they were touring with Less Than Jake and New Found Glory. I was quite impressed with their live performance and so was the crowd from what I could tell. You can also find some of their music in MP3s on MP3.com, mp3.com/theimpossibles, and also under Fueled by Ramen Records.

the band:
Gabe - vocals & guitar
Rory - guitar & vocals
Craig - bass
Pat - drums
Return -- Fueled By Ramen Records (2000)
Anthology '94 - '98 -- Fueled By Ramen Records (1999)
s/t -- Fueled By Ramen Records (1997)
Back for the Attack -- Fueled By Ramen Records (1998)


info gathered from allmusic.com, their web site, and their Anthology album, plus my own opinions.