The first time I heard of a horseshoe, the food dish, I didn't think it sounded that appealing. I was told I had to try one while visiting the Springfield, IL area. I'll try most any food once, so I said what the heck. It was mighty tasty. The first style I had was a steak on Texas Toast with steak fries, I don't remember the type of cheese, but I think it was cheddar.

These things are so popular that you can even find them on the menu in local Steak 'n Shakes. From what I hear most restaurants, bar & grills, etc. in the area have these on their menus.

I have seen these on the menu of a Kreeger's in St. Charles, MO a few years ago, but I haven't found it in any of the other St. Louis area Kreeger's.

On a side note if you are ever in St. Louis try out a slinger.