Dear Anonymous,

I can but dream fathom some of the weight your heart must bear, my friend. I am not angy, I do not wish you pain. I am sorry for the things I have relayed to you; perhaps you were not meant to hear them. And I don't believe what is between you and she simplistic is as some may put it, nor could I ever. I have never known you to be so selfish. You mustn't let the sickly silence that grows between the world and one when thoughts are not spoken, action stands untrue, grow between she and yourself. Tell her what your feelings really are. If you do feel for her, as I suspect you may, then go to her. There should be joy in the hearts of those who have been so inviting to me.

However, if you do not feel for her, a decision which can only be made after some meditation and poderance... act with as perfect understanding as this mortal world allows. Do not let petty emotions dictate your actions. History should not be permitted to repeat itself in all our awareness.

I think you would understand were I to leave you alone, now; and forge ahead to find myself and my own happiness. I want you, and everyone, to be happy. I just can not see myself fitting in neatly.

Act with your heart.