What do you do, when a girl you're in love with, and whom loves you, during one of your regular heated arguments tells you she can't handle this, and that she doesn't want to be friends anymore, or ever speak to you again?

This girl still has her old boyfriend and has been having an affair with you behind his back for 6 months. You say you should stop a week ago and call it off back to being just friends. At this point she still says she can't imagine life without you, and that you've changed her and helped her with various issues she's had to deal with more than anyone else. And that she loves you so much that she isn't happy that you and her are going back to being just friends, despite the fact she also loves him just as much. Apparently. She also claims it takes her ages to get over people and she's worried by the fact you'll get over her more quickly than she will you.

So you get in an argument today about who was rude to whom the day before, and it's petty and neither of you will back down and then she comes out with the "I never want to speak to you again" thing and even says, when asked, that she doesn't love you anymore. So you ask her if this is just a power and control thing to take the power back from you calling things off a week before, and she strenuously denies it. She says "do you hate me?" and you say

"no, I love you".

You put the phone down on her pretty soon after this.

Well? I hope you were paying attention! Answer the question. :o/