One of the best betta (siamese fighting fish) websites out there; bills itself as "the most comprehensive betta website worldwide" and with good cause. Run by a lovely, funny woman named Faith who obviously cares about her little finned children a great deal. She's a world-renowned breeder who has done exceptional work with quite a few rare lines of fish. She's done marvelous work with opaque (solid white), yellow, fertile black (melano) lines, as well as created several famous strains of her own such as the apache betta and the dreamcatcher betta. (the apaches are red/cambodian/marbled fish, the dreamcatchers very rare black butterfly patterns.) Her fish are quite expensive, but well worth it for show-quality stock. She's got some of the nicest fish out there.

Aside from her wonderful stock for sale page, she's got page upon page cataloging her strains, highly complete pages upon pages full of betta care and breeding information, from spawning the pair to rearing the fry.

Bettatalk also has a radio show on the 'net about everything and anything betta. Faith runs this as well. If you have any interest in fighters at all, take a look at bettatalk. It's one of the best starting places out there, and a great place even way, way past a start.