Whoooaaa! Wheeee! It's been quite a while since I've posted here. My on-again, off-again relationship with E2 looks like it's ON AGAIN, and hopefully it'll stay this way for good. School has finally settled down into a somewhat predictable rythm, so prospects for staying look good. Hee hee hee! I'm glad the Honor Roll way finally put into place, even though I don't benefit...yet.

For what it's worth, dannye has redeemed himself in my eyes. Perhaps an explanation should be given. Let me tell you a story... When I first got here, a year or so ago, I stumbled across a one liner writeup, no longer here, written in 2000, by a fairly well-known user. I, having been a good newbie and read the FAQs in some depth, noted that the posted rules on writeup nuke submission went something thus:

Submit writeups under this node that you think should be deleted, along with a good reason.
Well, I figured, what with the current stance on one-liners, the very fact that it was a non-factual one-liner ought to be enough. I blithely went ahead and posted a nuke request for it.

Major mistake.

It turned out that, what with the nuking FAQ being a bit out of date, posting nuke requests for other people's nodes was looked down upon. dannye notified me, rather tersely, that nuke requests were "...for YOUR NODES which you thought were a mistake", and that "while you're at it, don't post nodeshell nuke requests either." I should probably note that the writeup being submitted was in positive-vote territory, making my situation all the stickier.

Unfortunately, my problems did not end there. Being a year ago, the little [r] next to incoming /msgs was not there, and being a newbie, I forgot to put "/msg dannye" in front of my (intended, perhaps somewhat inappropriate (I don't have what I sent to dannye, only what he sent to me)) message to dannye, it went out into the chatterbox.


This was, of course, quite possibly the WORST thing that could have happened, from any perspective. I came off looking like a ranting, flaming asshole, and even worse, I had HARDLINKED the node title in my message, drawing attention to it. Ouch. Wharfinger /msged me notifying me as such, and I apologized to him, explaining what had happened so far. He agreed to reword the FAQ; it now emphasizes that unless you're posting your own stuff for destruction, you'd better have a damn good reason.

Of course, while my blood was still boiling from dannye's perceived coldness, I did NOT like him very much. Now that, a year later ;), I've calmed down, I can look back and realize that he was simply performing his job as world-weary editor extraordinaire.

Then, a few days ago, dannye messaged me in response to one of my nodes, providing some helpful criticism over the list formatting. He showed me an example of what to do, and even offered to spruce it up for me. That, and the fact that he cooled me, have conspired to inspire my long-overdue forgiveness and banish my misgivings. Thank you, dannye.

But there is still one thing that I still think to myself, to this day, when I reflect:

Thank God I didn't rub dem bones the wrong way!