A game series originating in the Apple II system. There have been four or so versions:
  • the original version (which bizarrely you can buy);
  • another version of the original one (with better graphics and stuff);
  • Oregon Trail II, the best;
  • Oregon Trail III, bad, but not horrible compaired to
  • Oregon Trail 4, see the Amazon.com reveiws.

Oregon Trail can and has been good, but The Learning Company seems to not care that the voiceovers are irritating, and you don't release a game that dosen't work on most computers. Oh well. Oregon Trail II is wonderfull, it is full of options, and is just plain cool.

In the Oregon Trail games you play a settler going to Oregon City, or in Oregon Trail II Salt Lake City and Oregon City. You had to get through various problems, and make sure everyone didn't die, from gunshot, mauling, etc. They are fun games, even if they are "educational".