One thing missing at this node, that we should also realize about the extreme groups known as "Neo-Nazis", is that they may talk about the extreme racist beliefs of Hitler and his Nazi party, but they also end up missing a large aspect of the Nazi parties creed. Nationalism.

It is the concept of Nationalism that thrives in groups like the National Heathen Front (NHF) or the National Socialist Black Metal scene. This form of the Nazi creed is almost always missing in most forms of neo-nazism, which tend to focus on the more traditional pure racism, that all white people are greater and higher than all other races. In a nationalistic Nazi group this concept would become, all in my tribe or nation is higher or more pure than others. Thus Germanic peoples should consider themselves more pure than Gothic peoples. This thinking is of course faulty in that the concept known as "Germanic" is often intertied with so many other European groups that it can become impossible to find anything that seperates them. The actual Germanic peoples are one of the most racially mixed groups of the European countries.

Neo-Nazism tends to be more tied with extreme right wing, often Christian religious groups like the Klu Klux Klan (most European heathen Nationalists despise the American form of this, calling it silly pointless skinhead rheortic and saying that it destroys its own words by being Christian, which many Heathen Nationalists hold, is against the very concept of Nazism, and then go on to talk about the degenerate being of the American people). Also it is often equated with the skinheads, who remain a strangly ambivalent group, who often are subject to simply getting drunk and beating on anyone different. Though I am not condoning either Nationalistic Nazi's or Neo-Nazis the question exists who does the more damage? It is very often without a doubt the Neo-Nazis, who are often tied to right wing extreme terriorist groups, many of whom operate in what we think of as "free countries". The United States features many.

A Police officer I knew was undercover in a millitant neo-nazi group in my state of Colorado. They were busted, for owning explosives without permits, which is a fine way to put a violent group into prison. The leader of this group owned a "Army Surplus Store" down the street from me. Soon after the bust the store closed down. However it was rather frightening to think about having such people right down the street.

However Neo-Nazism is often hyped up in the media. If anything the FBI or local Police groups are pretty much aware of Neo-Nazi groups actions and movements. The ideological danger of such groups is the main problem. Racism is still a strong threat in most States, and in many countries, and Neo-Nazi's are direct predators of the racism sentiment, eating at out own fears of the Nazi's that have existed since World War II and are presented to our eyes and minds constantly due to the policy of "never forget" about the holocaust. We have a great difficulty in understanding the Nazi's, as we are fed pre-disposed thoughts about them. If one were to be able to freely (and by freely I mean throw aside what we think we know about them) look into the concepts that surrounded Hitler we could easily see the falsehood of his words. Though many may take offense at what I say, we as a people are part of the problem when it comes to Neo-Nazis and other "hate groups". To solve this problem we must look inside ourselves and find the places where we cannot look at this clearly, where we have been brainwashed into thinking something is bad or good, once we deny the power of racism thinking we deny the power of the rascist thinkers (or lack thereof).