I find that the teachings of Nature Magic and science are often the same, or the same in different guises. Basically any mystical system asks the same questions as science, and very often they come to similar thoughts. This war between science, magic and religion often seems to me to be absurd. Mayhaps not between science and magic on one side and religion on another, for nearly all accepted religions today (like Christianity, Judaism, etc.) seem to be at war with any other concept that is not their own. This of course (as anyone with a history book will know) has gone on for the past many thousands of years.

To me, any system which teaches that the natural world is a good, beautiful thing, and should be if not worshipped, then understood and loved, is a good system. Many strains of science do the same thing to make people concious of the world, that natural magic does as well. Of course, being a black metal fan, I often find that bands like Borknagar and Vintersorg combine both approaches. Both nationalistic and naturalistic, and scientific (many ifics there). This is something which I enjoy, for it is a thought process which I share.

The energy and being of nature and the world, in all it's guises (both dark and light and in between) attracts me and gives me power. I gain more from a quiet walk or hike in nature than from really anything else. It is very important to me. Whenever I feel odd or ill at-ease I can go out and walk and feel much more happy. And when I can sit and feel the breeze, and smell the air, I feel calm.