A quick rejoinder for one to utter when confronted by someone who believes homosexuality somehow contravenes the idea of evolution.

Humans are self-aware, and humans can communicate their knowledge to other humans, even record that knowledge so it remains for a time after one dies. Our evolution can be said to be as guided by the ideas of our ancestors as it is by their genetic material.

Just because one is gay doesn't mean they can't reproduce, thus the title of the node, but I guess that raises labeling questions.

And if homosexuality does have a genetic component (I'm not entirely convinced), it'd have to be a pretty "strong" recessive trait, like blue eyes or left handedness, at least by looking at all the fuss we make over it.

And just look at E2. There's a whole lotta evolution goin' on here, if you ask me. We're not having sex to do it, either.

Bummer, huh?