Jesus, this is the most discouraging set of day logs I've read in quite some time. I'm not sure what brought about this barrage, but let me attempt to set a few minds at ease.

Life sucks at times, that's a fact. Everyday some one deals with an issue they believe imperative to their lives, but this is merely an illusion. Lots of people are struggling financially, and I'm sure everyone's aware of that, but what you must realize is if finances are what causes the most grief in your life than you should be thankful. Money is a luxury; it's far from the other hierarchies on Maslow's Scale. Shelter, food, and belonging are all well above the relatively unimportant ability to drive a car or not live with your parents.

Don't take this as a personal attack, negativity has been a rampant theme on the day logs for some time and it has become grating. Everyday someone's child is diagnosed with Leukemia, or a someone's mother battles breast cancer. Maybe your job does stink, but I won't make the old-fashioned observation concerning the millions of unemployed people. Instead, I challenge you to think of someone that owns a funeral home. What exactly constitutes a good day at work for them? If business is good, does that mean that life has been getting bad for a lot of other people? Now there's a dilemma!

Anyway, my suggestion is to brighten up because someone else always has it worse. I'm sure most people realize this and are only venting their frustration to calm themselves, but perhaps a vicious kick to a punching bag would be more beneficial than taking server space on E2. Sorry, but I had difficulty logging in a few hours ago and was in need of a hasty E2-related answer. Negative day logs may be negligible in the grand scheme of all that is E2, but I can't help but sense they at least partially contribute to the problem. At any rate, they take up space that costs money; an issue that KissThis has brought to our attention above.

In retrospect, this day log seems negative and is probably hypocritical in a way. Therefore, I'm going to donate some money to E2, it's the only way I can vindicate myself.

Something to resonate on: When life gives you lemons, be happy they’re lemons and not corpses needing a proper burial at a reasonable price.

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