Slightly intellectual fluff that would probably rot your brain after a while, but is fun in the meantime. I.e., the Jeeves books by P. G. Wodehouse are brain candy. The Sweet Valley High "books" are NOT. (They're just brain acid, and I don't mean the LSD kind, I mean the kind that goes SSSSSSSSS! and eats the bottom out of your beaker in Chem Lab.) Most watchable TV shows qualify as brain candy, I suppose. As do Raymond Chandler novels, and John Woo movies, and some of the mid-level manga/anime. (Mononoke Hime and Appleseed are probably full-fledged brain food. Kiko-chan Smile qualifies. Ranma does not, and Dragonball or Pokemon even less. I dunno, what's not as substantial as brain food, not as satisfying as brain candy, and not as harmful as a dissolving acid?)

Yes, I've dragged the analogy out far enough, and I'll let it go before it snaps. (Ow.)