Traditionally, fish has been thought of as a 'brain food', though this is in fact wrong. A couple of chemists from the 1800s thought that intelligence was increased by eating phosphorous, which fish has a lot of. That turned out to be false, but the myth stuck, because people never look into this sort of stuff.

I guess people need to eat more fish.

Ever Wonder Why? By Douglas B. Smith

Late 21st-Century Slang for a book.

Yes, in the future "books" will be rare and expensive; electronic media will take over our free time and our schools; "brain food" becomes strictly an eccentric hobby. Nobody will write for books anymore; but Classics and some best-sellers, if the make enough money, will be ported over to paper for those crazy brain-food collectors and sold at specialty stores for a hundred bucks a pop. Since libraries aren't useful anymore (their information store is too static), the cities will use the opportunity to sell the books for outrageous prices and repair some of the monetary damage done by having a stupid library in the first place.

Oh, and all books that are sold these days are sold with plain blue covers only, due to the uncertain and uncensored nature of their content. I mean, what if I picked up a brain-food from, say, the nineties? It might still say things like "hispanic", "libido" or even "charity"! Can you imagine a child seeing that?!

(dictated to me by a very drunk-looking Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come.)

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