A "life form" in the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, an Angel is a being that possesses the Fruit of Life and is a child of Adam. For most of the series the Angels are considered "The Enemy" of mankind.

A list of the angels featured in Neon Genesis Evangelion is as follows:

Number Angel: Name of Angel (What the angel is or represents).

  • 1st Angel: Adam
  • 2nd Angel: Lilith
  • 3rd Angel: Sachiel (water)
  • 4th Angel: Shamshel (day)
  • 5th Angel: Ramiel (thunder)
  • 6th Angel: Gaghiel (fish)
  • 7th Angel: Israfel (music)
  • 8th Angel: Sandalphon (embryo)
  • 9th Angel: Matarael (rain)
  • 10th Angel: Sahaquiel (sky)
  • 11th Angel: Ireul (fear)
  • 12th Angel: Leliel (night)
  • 13th Angel: Bardiel (hail)
  • 14th Angel: Zeruel (strength)
  • 15th Angel: Arael (bird)
  • 16th Angel: Armisael (womb)
  • 17th Angel: Tabris (free will)
  • 18th Angel: Lilim (humans)

    Numbers 1 and 2 are debatable, because Adam and Lilith are more "Sources of life" than Angels, they are included for continuity.

    The 18th Angel: The Lilim, humans, originated from the 2nd Angel: Lilith. All the other angels were spawned from the 1st Angel: Adam.

    The term Angels in this list is a general term that refers to both humans and real Angels. In the Redone Evangelion Episodes, SEELE talks to Kaoru Nagisa, about Lilith and Adam, saying "Lilith, progenitor of humanity - the false successors from the Black Moon... And Adam, progenitor of Angels - the true successors from the lost White Moon." Here the distinction is made between Adam and the Angels and Lilith and the Lilim (humanity).

    It is also interesting to note (and somewhat depressing as well) that in Neon Genesis Evangelion Human Beings are not the rightful inheritors of the Earth, the Angels are.

    (SHITO) Beings originated from the source of life called Adam (in Neon Genesis Evangelion). They take various sizes and shapes: from a giant octahedron to a minute Angel the size of bacteria, or even a "shadow" Angel without tangible form. Borrowing Kouzou Fuyutsuki's words in episode 26', it seems that Angels are beings which got the "Fruit of Life" whereas humanity got the "Fruit of Wisdom". In other words, "Angels" are another form of humankind with the same potential as humans. Thus, humans are the 18th Angel.

    Source: The End of Evangelion : Glossary contained within The End of Evangelion - Theatrical Program.