Albums released by Portishead:

Their second album, self-titled, disappointed a great number of people when released. In many ways, it lacks the cohesion and defining mood that Dummy generated and was so well known (and loved) for. But for whatever Portishead - Portishead lacks when compared to their previous issue, it makes upon careful listening. Portishead - Portishead offers a harsher alternative to Dummy's polished surface, giving us depth and variation. The two albums, when taken together give us a broader picture of the emotional range Portishead is capable of and excels at.

Track Listing:

  1. Cowboys
  2. All Mine
  3. Undenied
  4. Half Day Closing
  5. Over
  6. Humming
  7. Mourning Air
  8. Seven Months
  9. Only You
  10. Elysium
  11. Western Eyes