Me*dul"la (?), n. [L.]


Marrow; pith; hence, essence.



2. Anat.

The marrow of bones; the deep or inner portion of an organ or part; as, the medulla, or medullary substance, of the kidney; specifically, the medula oblongata.

3. Bot.

A soft tissue, occupying the center of the stem or branch of a plant; pith.

Medulla oblongata. [L., oblong medulla] Anat., the posterior part of the brain connected with the spinal cord. It includes all the hindbrain except the cerebellum and pons, and from it a large part of the cranial nerves arise. It controls very largely respiration, circulation, swallowing, and other functions, and is the most vital part of the brain; -- called also bulb of the spinal cord. See Brain.


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