Hog (?), n. [Prob. akin to E. hack to cut, and meaning orig., a castrated boar; cf. also W. hwch swine, sow, Armor. houc'h, hoc'h. Cf. Haggis, Hogget, and Hoggerel.]

1. Zool.

A quadruped of the genus Sus, and allied genera of Suidae; esp., the domesticated varieties of S. scrofa, kept for their fat and meat, called, respectively, lard and pork; swine; porker; specifically, a castrated boar; a barrow.

⇒ The domestic hogs of Siam, China, and parts of Southern Europe, are thought to have been derived from Sus Indicus.


A mean, filthy, or gluttonous fellow.



A young sheep that has not been shorn.


4. Naut.

A rough, flat scrubbing broom for scrubbing a ship's bottom under water.



(Paper Manuf.) A device for mixing and stirring the pulp of which paper is made.

Bush hog, Ground hog, etc. See under Bush, Ground, etc. -- Hog caterpillar Zool., the larva of the green grapevine sphinx; -- so called because the head and first three segments are much smaller than those behind them, so as to make a resemblance to a hog's snout. See Hawk moth. -- Hog cholera, an epidemic contagious fever of swine, attended by liquid, fetid, diarrhea, and by the appearance on the skin and mucous membrane of spots and patches of a scarlet, purple, or black color. It is fatal in from one to six days, or ends in a slow, uncertain recovery. Law (Farmer's Veter. Adviser. )-- Hog deer Zool., the axis deer. -- Hog gum Bot., West Indian tree (Symphonia globulifera), yielding an aromatic gum. -- Hog of wool, the trade name for the fleece or wool of sheep of the second year. -- Hog peanut Bot., a kind of earth pea. -- Hog plum Bot., a tropical tree, of the genus Spondias (S. lutea), with fruit somewhat resembling plums, but chiefly eaten by hogs. It is found in the West Indies. -- Hog's bean Bot., the plant henbane. -- Hog's bread.Bot. See Sow bread. -- Hog's fennel. Bot. See under Fennel. -- Mexican hog Zool., the peccary. -- Water hog. Zool. See Capybara.


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Hog, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Hogged (?); p. pr. & vb. n. Hogging.]


To cut short like bristles; as, to hog the mane of a horse.


2. Naut.

To scrub with a hog, or scrubbing broom.


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Hog, v. i. Naut.

To become bent upward in the middle, like a hog's back; -- said of a ship broken or strained so as to have this form.


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