Hole Hog is a punk rock band from Minneapolis and Saint Paul Minnesota. They preport to be the world "oldest living band" based on the age of the "Hole Hog" (B. 12 BC) rock and roll entity that is part, abiet silent and invisable, of the band.

The living rock and roll "entity" that has evolved into Hole Hog came into existance in a marsh, near what is now Oxford England, in the year 12 BC. In fact, most bands are not living entities at all, but corporate entities set up by Martha Stewart's Living Inc., heretofore known as the "shadow government." If another band can definitively prove that their band has a "life force" and the said "life force," came into existance before 12 BC, then Hole Hog will end its use of the phrase "oldest living band," and change the motto to something equally catchy like, "Hoggin' Holes Since 12 BC."

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