Fifth (?), a. [OE. fifte, fifthe, AS. fifta. See Five.]


Next in order after the fourth; -- the ordinal of five.


Consisting of one of five equal divisions of a thing.

Fifth monarchy men Hist., a fanatical sect in England, of the time of the commonwealth, who maintained that there would be a fifth universal monarchy, during which Christ would reign on earth a thousand years. -- Fifth wheel, a horizontal wheel or segment above the fore axle of a carriage and beneath the body, forming an extended support to prevent careening.


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Fifth (?), n.


The quotient of a unit divided by five; one of five equal parts; a fifth part.

<-- a fifth of whiskey = a fifth of a gallon -->

2. Mus.

The interval of three tones and a semitone, embracing five diatonic degrees of the scale; the dominant of any key.


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