En*caus"tic (?), a. [L. encausticus, Gr. , fr. to burn in; in + to burn: cf. F. encaustique. See Caustic, and cf. Ink.] Fine Arts

Prepared by means of heat; burned in.

Encaustic painting Fine Arts, painting by means of wax with which the colors are combined, and which is afterwards fused with hot irons, thus fixing the colors. -- Encaustic tile Fine Arts, an earthenware tile which has a decorative pattern and is not wholly of one color.


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En*caus"tic, n. [L. encaustica, Gr. (sc. ): cf. F. encaustique. See Encaustic, a.]

The method of painting in heated wax, or in any way where heat is used to fix the colors.


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