Chiv"al*ry (?), n. [F. chevalerie, fr. chevalier knight, OF., horseman. See Chevalier, and cf. Cavalry.]


A body or order of cavaliers or knights serving on horseback; illustrious warriors, collectively; cavalry.

"His Memphian chivalry."


By his light Did all the chivalry of England move, To do brave acts. Shak.


The dignity or system of knighthood; the spirit, usages, or manners of knighthood; the practice of knight-errantry.



The qualifications or character of knights, as valor, dexterity in arms, courtesy, etc.

The glory of our Troy this day doth lie On his fair worth and single chivalry. Shak.

4. Eng.Law

A tenure of lands by knight's service; that is, by the condition of a knight's performing service on horseback, or of performing some noble or military service to his lord.




Sir P. Sidney.

Court of chivalry, a court formerly held before the lord high constable and earl marshal of England as judges, having cognizance of contracts and other matters relating to deeds of arms and war.



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