No one really knows alot about the Elves as they are a mystical race. They are similar in appearence to humans, but have pointy ears and slanted eyes. Many people say that they are immortal, and that once they were kings of this world, now they live in exile and are feared by many. Elves are thought to be in tune with the land animals. They have certain traits that blossom at an early age and as they grow older these traits manifest into useful skills. Their intelligence level is very high and they are very dexterous.
They tend to be immortal, and only die after being slain in battle or they can die of greif.

They are excellent spell casters and magic users. Elves tend to live in the woodlands and commune extremely well with nature. The Elven population holds more Ranger and Scout positions than any other race, and they are said to be able to track any living creature that walks, and most that fly.

In such fantasy books as Lord of the Rings they are said to be taller than an average man. Wheras many children who believe in Santa's little elves will imagine them a smaller, fatter creatures.