An awesome Cartoon spinoff of the Phantom Comic book series. It's all about this guy named Kit Walker, who discovers an ancient skull ring that leads him to the strange jungle he's been dreaming about for weeks. It is this virtual African wilderness that he learns that he is the 24th in a long line of "Phantoms" dating back 500 years... but kit isn't down with that, he just wants to be a normal teenager, but now he's got to become a superhero and save the world from this crazy-ass businesswoman Rebecca Madison and her freak son, Maxwell. The Phantom has to stop the Madison's from creating a huge factory run by biots which will use up all the earth's resources.

It's got a crazy talk-show guy names Dr. Jack, who reminds me a lot of Jerry Springer.

Sure the voice-acting's pretty corny, but what do you expect for a cartoon?