Reasonably Interesting, but I have a better suggestion...

The obvious flaw with the input to this program is that it's not, uh, obvious. It's not quite human-readable, nor even easy to generate.

Further, polyphony, chords, or lyrics combined to this is out of question when using this format. (Of course, the idea was to node melodies, but hey...)

Also the above-mentioned program works, as it is, only under DOS. Pain in the neck for those of us who use "other operating systems"...

Here's my suggestion: Try GNU Lilypond. Why?

  • The source is fairly human-readable
  • It can be edited easily by hand
  • Raw versions can be generated from MIDI
  • It has less shortcomings if you need complicity
  • Also outputs MIDI
  • Produces sweet paper o' notez for you to enjoy and play from.

Some examples of Lilypond sources:

(Fine. Downvote all you want, but I just hate to see Yet Another Incompatible-With-Everything-Else Tool deployed... And personally, I rather read scores and listen to MIDI than listen to the PC beeper.)