The battle rages on.

On the right corner, fundamentalist Christians; on the left corner, the roleplayers.

"Dracopolitics" is a term used by one web page about the ongoing schism between fundies and gamers - and whether or not roleplaying is bad for you and society in general. This is mostly caused by the fundies, because, ahem, "not True™" Christians (ie, non-fundie Christians) don't usually see anything bad about RPGs.

But after seeing, or more often, hearing about RPGs and after hearing from very "reliable" sources that some kids had killed themselves and others because of D&D, that D&D has occultism, demons and spell casting, satan worshipping and related things, the fundamentalists label D&D (and other RPGs) as instruments of Satan. "Burn them!" they say.

The movement was sparked by Patricia Pulling who recently died of cancer - and with her died Bothered about Dungeons and Dragons (BADD), her one-woman organization whose idea was to spread word on how evil the game was. Pulling started the organization after her son's death, which she believed was because of the game.

For Pulling's story, see Michael A. Stackpole's excellent "Pulling Report", - and see how ugly the anti-RPG stuff can be!