On Window Maker window manager, the "Dock" is an area on the right side of the screen (by default - it can be moved too). It consists of series of 64x64 pixel buttons.

Dock exists for a couple of purposes: For launching icons for a couple of frequently-used apps, and for housing dockapps.

  • Launch an application. Its application icon appears on the bottom of the screen (or attached to the Clip, if you're using AutoAttract Icons). Drag the icon to the Dock. Now you can launch this application by double-clicking it, and do some operations to all running instances of the application with right click of the icon.
  • Launch a dockapp. Drag it to the dock. Now you have a handy little application on your screen. Use it wisely, warrior.

The only problem with Dock (and similiar things in all other NEXTSTEP clones) is that the dock takes up a lot of space and only a handful of things usually fit to it.

Some other NEXTSTEPpish window managers call this thing "Wharf".

See also: Window Maker, dockapp