(Also spelled "Dock App") Short for "Dockable application", a small program intended for use with WindowMaker's Dock or AfterStep's Wharf areas. Essentially, a program that runs in an icon. However, unlike some other schemes like GNOME panel applets, dockapps usually don't require the dock/wharf, they also run as stand-alone X11 applications if dock/wharf is not available.

Some dockapps include:

Clock and date display that includes both digital and analog clock, calendar and Beats.
Shows current phase of the Moon as graphic, as well as some other interesting lunar information.
Classical load monitor a la xload.
Television set on dock. Incredible.
Connects/disconnects a PPP connection and shows the traffic load of the line.

Where to get dockapps?

  • http://www.windowmaker.com/projects.html - The WindowMaker site
  • http://www.bensinclair.com/dockapp/ - Dock App Warehouse
  • http://www.dockapps.org/

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