First, there was Tilt!, the somewhat ridiculously non-games-oriented computer/video games show in MTV3.

Then, they had this bright idea of making it even more "cooler" or "street credible".

Thus was born Subido, the daily games program in SubTV.

"They picked a good name. The other possible alternatives were Upid, Diotic, Orky and Imwitted."

- NNirvi in bulletin boards

So, what's the program like? Unlike other games programs, they have "frames" on screen, on which they show useless information, news and reviews from viewers.

They also tell of the games as they're playing them, which adds another level of "credibility" to it. The show has two hosts every day, other of which plays the game and other who just sits around and tells about the, well, stuff about the game, you know. Overall impression is that I can't often make sense of what the playing person is saying (lack of concentration?) and that the other is making up the stuff as they progress without any previous script. Okay, genuine feelings of the game, I guess...

They play two new games every day, and one midprice game. They also have "normal" game reviews (a la Tilt!, by same people too), and interviews and the sort of things...

Viewers are encouraged to send in their reviews through the program's website. The reviews are displayed on the frames, anonymously. Best reviewers get prizes.

I sent in two reviews in the week the show opened (of Operation Flashpoint: Red Hammer and Spyro: Season of Ice), both of which did appear on the screen... I was just somewhat amazed that incidentally the viewer reviews were limited to 160 characters, the same as SMS! I wonder when they'll add the SMS chat to the program... =)

This attempt is just barely better than Tilt! in one respect: They don't show game intro movies, they play the games. But muttering and "coolness" doesn't a good program make...

(If they do what they threatened to do - challenge musicians to play Vib Ribbon with their own CDs - I really have to see that, though... =)