A PC game by Origin, released 1993.

Basically Shadowcaster was an "action CRPG" (with not much real RPG elements - not much "character development").

The hero of the game was called Kirt. Kirt is a modern descendant of the lost magical race of shapeshifters. The point of the game? Kick the rear of some ancient evil, after storming through various environments and beating various lesser creatures.

In the game there's no need for "team", Kirt can easily be equal of 6-creature team. When Kirt finds mystical obelisks, he learns of a new forms he can assume, if he has enough magic power left: Maorin, a huge 4-handed bipedal cat; Caun, a midget that can cast spells; Opsis, a floating one-eyed thing likewise capable of spellcasting; Kahpa, a frogman that swims well; Ssair, a flying dragonthing with no legs; and finally Grost, a stone giant that does stuff that stone giants do best - walk through lava and punch through walls. When not morphed, Kirt needs to rely on his mad kung-fu skillz.

Basically, the game was about moving around in 3D environment, finding junk, solving "how to get from here to there" puzzles, lots of fighting, and so on. Enjoyable entertainment.

Shadowcaster was based on iD's Wolfenstein 3D engine. Yet, it had cool stuff like fog and animated background sprites and stuff - I'm not sure if original Wolfenstein 3D engine supported these.