Well, not a bad day so far. I actually ate something other than pizza. Opened a new category in a bookmark file (for Mecha, of course).

Browsing Usenet. Found Mozilla M11 screenshot (buggy display, of course) that displays E1 front page. Nostalgic. =)

Trying to find a Mechwarrior 3 metal tile background from the main menu, or something equally cool (for gdm background).

Horrible Nethack Spoiler™: "What does an investigator do?" "He investigates." (From r.g.r.n)


OK, reading e-mail. One new personal mail, others from lists and spammers (carefully LARTed).

I just wonder what this Korean spammer is thinking of? Subject like "Dear a certain good man" (sounds like Engrish), and a HTML attachment that I can't even open. Shame.

Well, I opened the file finally, and it apparently asks for donation with a "sob story" (better English than in the subject line, actually). Boohoo. Annoying netiquette violation, and sorry, no money to donate. And apologies accepted.


I just got my first geek T-shirt. =)

Black shirt, with text in white, plain, unadorned Courier font:

I explored
the Dungeons of Doom,
but all I got
was this lousy T-shirt.

Kudos to VViitanen who made and sold these for the Finnish readers of r.g.r.n.

Don't get it? Get a recent version of Nethack, start it in Wizard Mode, wish for a T-shirt and read the text. =)

Other day logs o' mine...