(Speaking as "scientifically thinking Christian" here =)

I agree with above - yes, the Bible has flaws. But one mistake - or several ones, actually - won't make it any more "wrong" in the parts it is actually right. Actually, better node title would be "How to prove the Bible is just a book".

Personally, I've used the 1 Kings 7 to tell the so-called "fundamentalist loons" that the Bible is just a, duh, book written by mortals under divine inspiration. Actually, my religions teacher used to say just that. (I'm Lutheran, in case that matters, not a Chicken. =) Some Christians have different idea - some more realistic than others - about the origin of the content. But as far as research of history can show, it was written by people.

What I usually try to tell them is that yes, Bible has flaws; it has outright errors everyone can see (1 Kings 7 clearly proves that either Pentium or bureaucracy did exist at that time - j/k =), it has some parts that defy logic (and I'm not speaking of divine miracles here!) such as things that seem to be different in other places.

Not to even mention some people think of putting it into "not really for kids" shelf. Some of the stuff clearly would be inappropriate for children even by the said loon's definitions, yet they conviniently ignore such details. (See Ezekiel 23:19-20 to see what I mean with "not really for kids"=)

Generally: It's just a book. Yes, it's a really, really good book, but it's just a book, not the ultimate book. For if it would be perfect, people wouldn't have millions of different interpretations of it that cause bloodshed! =)

Now, I'm not going to pollute the nodespace with my remarks any further. I'll return to my factual noding...