I woke up late! Well, the Really Important Lectures are in the evening...

I think I'll now switch to Mozilla permanently. bk2site seems to work with it nicely, as long as I run the resulting files through recode to change character set from UTF-8 to Latin 1.

I'll soon go to the uni...


Installed Mozilla nightly build to temp directory in the university. It comes with the Classic theme. This rocks. This rocks a lot. Now, if only the Classic theme would have the "Picture buttons only" option...

(-1 again? If some twit is votedumping, please at least votedump with upvotes... And remember, votedumping is pointless. You don't need to use all of your votes every day - what would happen if I'd use all of my chings every day? Or, if someone's carrying a grudge against me or something, come out and we'll talk. =)

Well, the bad thing: Bye Bye, Java Cheddarbox... I guess I have to tune appletviewer to work with the cheddarbox.


OK, reading Usenet. Finally. Forgot to say: Thanks to kaatunut for Datalinks! Who says E2 has zero useful information? =)


Looks like I've become a Trusted User in K5. Hmmmmm... and it's almost seven. Got to go home soon. And I've not even touched E-mail yet. Damn damn...

Well, Mozilla M18Nightly has worked fine. So far. One embarassing K5 submission error, and bookmark handling is a bit clumsy.


Spam... from Man, I haven't been getting spam originated in for a looooong time.

Speaking of spam, I now attach this one to my spam reports:

According to the Finnish law (565/1999, article 21) sending UCE to private persons is a punishable crime. Punishment ranges from fines to imprisonment. Finland is part of the European Union and a member of Europol and Interpol.

...just to counterbalance the "this spam is sent in compliance with such-and-such-overturned-US-bill"... =)


Time to end the day.

I upgraded to nightly Mozilla at home, too, because Debian's M17 seemed to have a curious problem: The bookmark comments seemed to vanish. Not Good, if you're thinking of the fact that bk2site wants "PRIVATE" keyword in certain categories or it'll cruelly publish them =)

Uh, yeah, the reason why there were not too many updates today: KPNQwest's network seemed to be down for a while. Well, on the plus side, The X-Files is back in TV.

Well, goooooooood night, E2...

Other day logs o' mine...

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