Well, dammit. I tried to wake up early this morning, but this time I was kept awake by, hmm, Dragon Code.

I described Hoki-Aamrel the Cherry-Red Dragon, a RP character of mine, as thus:

 DC2.Dw Gm L5.2m W T- Phflwt Sks Cre\re^,wre+\re^ Bfl A? Fr++^
        Nn M- O? H++ $ Fc R-- Ac++ J+ S++ U? I-# V+++ Q++ Tc++

Hoki used to be a 60 meters long red western-type dragon; Since he found this size inconvinient, his size changed to more comfortable 14.2 meters. And got a nice metallic iridescence too! =)

I'm planning a more serious return to a.f.d some day, but as of yet, too much to do...


Finally through the news and mail. Had to reply to one long mail... And such. More stuff to do today... Busy busy busy.


Still a lot to do! Well, I got a bunch of cool stuff from Velar - a lot of cool dragon/draconid pictures today...

Other day logs o' mine...

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