's open source object browser package for Emacsen.

The OO-Browser is something that the Windows coders have wanted from Linux for years: "Nyah nyah, fat chance I'll touch that Emacs thing, it doesn't let me to, you know, click on the class name and drool, and it jumps there."

Well, XEmacs has been the greatest IDE I've had for years; It's different from, say, Visual Studio but it does have everything I need.

But having a class browser that shows everything as nested list or in graphical form makes programming more fun - I can see the classes as they evolve into more usable form...

OO-browser provides all that. Cool graphical class lists and everything else to speed up coding. Click on the class or method you want to edit and hit "e" - and there you are! =)

Definitely the best thing ever happened when I need to code Java. In addition to Java, it also supports Eiffel, C++, Objective-C, CLOS, Python, Smalltalk, C, Lisp, and GNU Info. also provides commercial support for it. Have you wanted an industrual-strength (ie, Micro$oft-cloned, and then some) k00l coding environment? Try XEmacs - it now lets you to click on your objects, too.