Helloooooo! Guess who woke up slightly late today! Well, fortunately it's Sunday... =)


At least I slept sort of well... =)

Time to go for Usenet and such. I guess.

16:30: To cinema, I hope...

Last night I had another great idea: Strategic Staller. Old joke for new technology... =)


- Headache -


Well, I k'n plai tis geim tu...


...big words from Yet Another Stoooopid Ugly Geek (Didn't want to waste film so that's a bad-quality video grab... =)

(I'd not be surprised if I'd actually get that fatal 1 rating honestly, without someone voting for it many times... =)

You're probably more interested of this one (OK, old news, but still):




Didn't went to cinema after all - I went to meet people and watched Air Force One there... =)

Meanwhile, my cellphone's batteries have run out.

It was depleting its batteries after 19:45 or so, and when I come back just a bit before 01:00, it has run out of steam.

Something is not right with the batteries, I guess, if the technical specs say it should stay 60-170 hours idle before batteries run out... =)

Other day logs o' mine...

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