Already panicked =(

The machine made strange, strange noise so I powered it down.

Well, seems to work now. Fsck errors from powerdown only, nothing crashed?

That's it, I think it's time to get reiserfs or something. Moving the vast image archives and the Downloaded Terabytes to CD-ROM would be pretty nice, too...

Time to face the even more challenging challenges of the day.


Way too cool day.

As some of you may have noticed, I did some OO programming in Commodore 64 BASIC. Does someone hand out The Most Excessive Overkill Application of OO Paradigm Awards? Would I qualify??? =)

I think I could now use a modern, fast SCSI disk. And a CD-RW drive to make backups. I currently back up my home directory on the second hard drive, and this is sort of annoying. I should just get that terabyte RAID that was listed in Broadcast 2000 system requirements once... =)


Dammit! MTV3 has moved The X-Files deeper and deeper to the night, and show FreakyLinks on the old place of X.

Speaking of X, is the next X-Men movie going to be called "X11-Men" or something - more use of Linux as the rendering platform? =)