Tune by Metallica, appeared in the album Metallica (aka. the Black Album) in 1991.

Personally, I have only bad memories of this song. Not about the song itself - it's a fairly good piece - but on how the others treated it.

There I sat, in Kuhmo youth centre making a magazine quite happily (in my high school years), when that creeping horror cut through the air from the band basement, blasting the peace to millions of pieces.

Yes, every damn garage band seemed to love that tune. No, none of the performers could be an adequeate match for Hetfield or other Good Performers of This Tune. And yes, they played it almost every time I was there.

...not to even mention the school music lessons. Argh...

Apocalyptica, of course, made their arrangement of this tune. My sister first just simply refused to believe they used nothing but cellos =)