A 1990 game from Assembly Line and Code Monkeys, released by U.S. Gold, produced for (at least) Amiga and Commodore 64.

E-Motion was an interesting combination of logic game and classical space shooter without shooting. You controlled a space ship on a field with multiple spheres. The ship was controlled using traditional Asteroids-style controls. You needed to collide on the spheres to make them collide with other spheres of same color to make them disappear. If you bumped them with spheres of different color, it created a "pod" of some color; If you collected it fast enough, you got points, and if not, the pod grew to a sphere. Also, the spheres exploded if you didn't get them to bump at each other fast enough. Also, in some levels, the spheres might have been connected with rubber bands; sometimes, the rubber band was attached to your ship.

The packaging and the loader had a cool pic of Albert Einstein-lookalike scientist with crystal ball...

The (average, but pretty nice) SID music in C64 version was made by Mark Tait.