Code Monkeys is a funny animated show on G4 tech TV. The first season has just ended and consists of 13 episodes. The show follows two video game programmers who work for a company called Gameavision in the 1980s. The reason for the name of the show, is that the main characters are in fact code monkeys. Each episode follows their various adventures, and usually involves them getting into deep trouble and then miraculously finding a solution. Based on what I just wrote, not many people would be interested at all, because Code Monkeys just sounds like a normal show with a generic plot line. What sets it apart from other shows is the animation.

Code Monkeys is animated using 8 bit and 16 bit graphics. Basically what I mean by that is that the entire show looks like an old NES game. All of the character look like little Nintendo characters, there is always a health bar at the top of the screen, and during each episode there is always a score being kept on the top of the screen. Considering the channel that the show is aired on, and the layout of the show, obviously the writers were looking towards a gamer audience.

Another thing that would probably make this show aimed towards an older, male, gamer audience would be the actual humor in the show. The humor in this show is very dark. There are a lot of fart jokes, drug use, gay jokes, sexist jokes, a lot of stereotyping, and many other controversial things. So basically only a very small amount of people could actually find this show funny.

Here is a list of the main characters that appear on the show :

  • Dave : he is one of the two main characters in the show. He is best friends with Jerry and also shares an office with him. He is really a stoner, really messy, really rude, and has a tendency to hump anything and everything.
  • Jerry : he is the second of the two main characters. He is Dave’s best friend and officemate. He is the exact opposite of Dave, meaning he is hard working and very polite. Unfortunately for him, Dave always gets him into trouble, and he has a tendency to wet himself in stressful situations.
  • Mr. Larrity : he is the owner of Gameavision. He is a Texan millionaire who is extremely violent, sexist, greedy, and basically evil. In every episode he is trying his hardest to either make money or hurt as many people as possible.
  • Dean Larrity : he is the son of Mr. Larrity. He is very stupid and very strong, and he was appointed by Mr. Larrity as the company’s head supervisor.
  • Todd : he is another game designer at Gameavision. He is really fat and much older than all the other designers, but he considers himself very sexy and the perfect person. He is a big fan of Dungeons and Dragons, and often times he will somehow tie the game into event that occur in his life.
  • Black Steve : he is the accountant at Gameavision, and as you can guess from his name he is African American. He is extremely violent and has a tendency to pull out a pistol and start shooting everything. Even though he is portrayed as a violent and crazy person, he seems to have a large variety of skills. Steve is able to speak foreign languages and is very good at wrestling.
  • Benny Lee: he is a little Korean kid who was adopted by Mr. Larrity. He is fed caffeine, Pixy Stix, and amphetamines to keep him hyper and little. He is the game tester at Gameavision and seems to make a lot of money by selling Pixy Stix and caffeine to the other employees.
  • Clarence : he is a audio designer at Gameavision. He is flamboyantly gay and likes to sing almost everything that he says.
  • Mary : she is the only female game designer in Gameavision. She is never taken seriously by any of the other employees because she is female. Jerry has a huge crush on her, but she always denies him.
  • Clare : she is the receptionist at Gameavision. She considers herself to be the prettiest and most wonderful person in the world. She is often subjected to physical harm and really bad luck.

Basically what I’m saying is that if you are a gamer, or are interested in games and you do not take offense easily I suggest at least trying this show.

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