I got a new computer a few days ago, so now I booted it up. (Isn't it against the nerd stereotype to delay important things like this? =) It's a PIII-600MHz. Running the ever-damned Windows 98.

It has IE 5. It's actually a decent browser (much to my surprise), but a) I would never like to download it (reason being it's huge) and b) I would never use it anything less than this machine configuration (reason being it's huge). I miss Netscape...

It came with two sets of speakers. I can't accuse the machine of lack of accessories =) The strange thing about the speakers that came with the monitor was that a) when I plugged them in, they didn't make noise, and b) when I unplugged them, they made noise. Weird!

3DMark 2000 runs fine! Way cool stuff!

The keyboard is cool. I hope these extra keys generate X-catchable keycodes - the keyboard has 20 extra keys for CD controlling and then with labels "WWW", "E-mail", "DOS" and so on. Minor annoyance: when I push the WWW button, it displays "Internet Explorer" on screen with huge letters and kicks the said program on =)

Hmmm... Should I boot up Java hacks with the coffee cup button, or just bind it to "xscreensaver-command -lock"? =)

Other day logs o' mine...