I realized that the VideoScape3D format that Blender can export really is as easy or even easier to use than what I remembered. Dammit, I think I'll code that loader someday.

I decided that I'll use C++ this time. I haven't written C++ proggies for ages. Java rocks.

So hmm, some problems:

  • The Stroustrup's book is kind of thick one, and introduces cool and wonderfully hard to get concepts I've never read of. (My first C++ book was from pre-ANSI era, and didn't even mention the String class that would have spared my nerves a lot...)
  •'s oo-browser: Sounds cool, but the damn thing won't load. It installed fine from Debian package, and XEmacs loads it at the startup as expected, but when I say M-x oo-browser, XEmacs goes "huh?" =(


Oh ghod, what did I write last night to Usenet? Well, I quote:

<william-gibson>Pure flim flam flied to the Use/Net in enormous bursts of data as even distribution on all wavelengths of spectrum, like the white noise of untuned TV channel that decoded from the video card input socket of Lankinen's cyberdeck.</william-gibson>

Dunno, that's my general "feel" of the writing style of "Neuromancer", and that's an awkward translation of the original that was in Finnish.

I don't know. I still don't exactly know what the book was really about. I've got to read it 4th time someday. Gibson wrote in stream of consciousness-related style at the times, generating wonderful imagery. Just don't force me to make completely rational sense out of it. God I'm stupid.

For you Gibson lovers there: Actually, it's a translation of a text that appeared in a computer joke book - a parody called "Wiljam Gibbon: Neuronmancer".


(Damn, the university workstation clocks still say silly times like 15:32... I wonder if has a haywire NTP server somewhere?)

I went to the lair of the BOFHs, and shivered. Almost grovelled before them, but these divine beings apparently didn't care of my lack of etiquette. So now I have my password again... 1.2 megs of mail to read... Sheesh! Well, most of it was from mailing lists and spammers anyway.


In introduced a friend of mine to the wonders of Usenet. =)

I tested how well this new machine rips paranoidly and how fast it encodes Ogg/Vorbis. All I can say: DAMN FAST. I mean, this CD drive actually rips data and doesn't read same spot 2000 times (quite an improvement over my previous nominally-ATAPI drive), and, duh, 600 MHz processors tend to be pretty fast with number crunching... =) Just that there ought to be a Pentium-optimized binary for vorbize in Debian. I mean, who encodes Ogg/Vorbis with anything less than Pentium? How long will it take to encode a normal-sized tune with a 486? =)

Other day logs o' mine...