Series of computer role-playing games (CRPGs) from SSI, Inc, based on AD&D rules. Named such because of the box design. They were based on AD&D 1st edition rules, and used mostly the same engine. They were based on Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance settings.

(The C64 game guide ( didn't tell the dates for the rest. Please inter/extrapolate. There may be more of these, or less. The list was from... darn, lost the URL. /msg me if you have corrections =)

Also, There was a program called Unlimited Adventures (aka FRUA) that was used to make gold box-style games for MS-DOS (people still use it actively) and a MUD called Neverwinter Nights (unrelated to the 2002 Bioware game, of course).

Many people considered the gold box engine rather limited and slow, eventually most people started calling the games of the series "same shit in different box". Graphics were not great, the places didn't correspond to what was on screen ("cities full of people" were strangely empty), and so forth.