The "Abyss" is one of the titles of the dread "False Sephira" on the Tree of Life, called "Da'ath," meaning Knowledge.
The color of the Abyss is purple, perhaps even ultraviolet.There is no name of God proper to the Abyss, although there is a name for the illusion of the Demon that dwells therein, Choronzon.
Some also associate the god Set with the Abyss, and call that place the Desert of Set. It is said that the Tempest which blows eternally through the infinite Abyss is howled by Typhon, of whom Set is the symbol.
Also associated with the Abyss is Shugal, the Desert Fox. Shugal, by Gematria, equals 333, which is the number of Choronzon. Thus, the Abyss is sometimes called the Shugal-Choronzon Pylon.
It should therefore be noted that Shugal=333 when added to Choronzon=333 give you 666, the number of the Beast and also the number of Sorath,the Demon of the Solar Sphere which is directly below Da'ath. Also of interest is that 666=Shem Yeshua, the Name Jesus.