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E2 Sperm Counter


Female homosexuals!, Cercopithecoids!, Glycine max!


Kitty Litter convo --

cindango says: I'm sorry, I'm new here and don't know the rules to this chatterbox but: What do you recommend for someone who feels like either stabbing somebody or jumping off a bridge? Actually just stabbing someone, someone in particular.

OldMiner says: Infinite time with an open dictionary sort of changes the environment to favor the short-term-obsessive, anal-retentive game theorist, rather than the perfect-spelling grammarian who would win a normal Scrabble game.

RedOmega says: Through one door lies your path.  Through the other door lies a terrible death.



Jobs I've had: KFC cook, KFC customer service, Dishwasher at steakhouse, customer service at video rental store, Barista, Customer service for travel e-commerce, marketing guy for mobile VAS startup and currently SEO analyst for an ecommerce.


I once stole a book from the clutches of those who may have dismissed it as a useless piece of writing. That book gave me life when I thought I had none in me. I now own A copy of that book.






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