Debates on value systems or anything people strongly believe in are absolutely useless. Nothing productive has ever come of it. A case in point-religion and politics.

Atheism vs. Religion is a good example of an absolutely useless debate with the same arguments parroted in each and every incarnation. Both sides are too stubborn to have their beliefs changed by the other. There have been numerous debates I have gotten into where I have effectively lost, but still came out with my same opinions intact.

Politics. You can present the most logical opinion and not change someone’s mind. By this criticism I do not mean political debates candidates for office partake in or the news, because it is important to see all sides. Rather I am referring to small scale discussions among “friends”, coworkers or ridiculous 1 a.m. college student debates. Debates that don’t exist for the sheer purpose of examining an issue or showing people all sides of an argument, but merely for the sake of argument.

These types of arguments are not for any specific purpose. You can’t prove anything, you can’t change someone’s mind.

Suppose a woman finds out I’m hiring a stripper for a friend’s bachelor party (I’m not). If her belief is that it is disrespectful to the wife because they are about to seal the deal on the most important relationship of their lives, reasonable. But if it turns into an argument about women in general I tune out. My belief is that the women (and men) who choose to become them have no illusions as to the kind of working conditions they will face. But you know what? I don’t have to defend my belief. I’m not doing anything illegal by holding my opinion, I’m not defending myself in a court of law. I told the person I would not argue, because we’re both so stubborn in our beliefs we will only succeed in making each other angry. Why do I need to be lambasted for my own opinions?

When someone disagrees with me I take it at face value-not everyone shares my opinions. Fine. I wasn’t going to give her the pleasure of arguing.

Those angry arguments exist for one sole purpose-to anger and belittle people who do not share your opinions. What if she is smarter than me-do I need to feel stupid or inferior because of my beliefs? I can believe anything I want without a reason. Don’t even try to stop me. I’ve heard everything there is to hear about chauvinism. I hold my beliefs for a reason. Maybe an illogical reason. Maybe no reason at all. But that’s my prerogative, so go away.