I was raised in a fairly patriotic family; my grandfather was a U.S. Navy veteran and war hero. His patriotism passed to my father and consequently to me. On September 11, 2001 I felt it pertinent to display a flag in honor of those who died in the tragedies in New York City, Washington D.C. and Shanksville, Pennsylvania. On my lunch break I went to a store and bought a flag, having no idea that over the next few days there would be a run on them. I displayed it until October 11, when I took it down, mostly because it was too much of a hassle to display constantly in an honorable fashion.

Because of my upbringing and a scouting origination I belonged too, I knew about flag etiquette. I began to notice a number of flags around my town that were being displayed, no doubt unknown to the owner, in a disgraceful manor. It seemed they either didn't know anything about flag etiquette or they just couldn't be bother with it. On the first Patriot Day, I looked around to see flags that had been displayed for a year. They were tattered, dirty and had been flown in the dark. And those stupid plastic flags that limp from car windows; get a flag decal (and please make sure it's straight) if you must but don't buy any more of those plastic flags. I have no problem with people desecrating the American Flag in a conscious display of their rights, but when it is desecrated by those who's intent is patriotic, it really gets to me.

So, to prevent my self from having to persistently remember all the things involved in responsible flag ownership, I only display it on days of significance. I think this also shows honor for these days more so than if I just left my flag flying constantly.

Sure there are other days some wish to observe (please feel free to /msg me with them, or node them yourself). These are simply the days I honor.

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