"Neo-patriotism" is a term popularized recently to describe the swelling nationalism prompted by the September 11th attacks. The phenomenon of neo-patriotism is characterized by blind flag waving, a galvanized, xenophobic, and self-righteous public ready to follow a belligerent government into war against abstract concepts and arbitrary market competitors.

Reasons why neo-patriotism should be feared:
  • There now exists a costly war, in blood and in capital, of greed and vengeance that purports to be in the defense of "freedom and liberty".
  • All the while, neo-patriots willingly capitulate our constitutional rights in order to promote "homeland security."
  • As well as the unconstitutional detainment of "suspected terrorists."
  • And a growing disregard for the separation of church and state and increasingly strong undertones that the war on terrorism is really a war on Islam. It's utterly disgraceful; we might as well just tear up the Constitution and declare Christianity the official religion of the U.S.

But on the bright side atleast now I can get anything from a toothbrush to a brand new 2003 Ford Explorer in patriotic red white and blue--yippy!

I donated nothing to the victims of 9/11; I don't care much for upholding the Constitution. Infact, I don't care much about politics in general, but my house, my car, and all my possessions are decorated with a ridiculous excess of flags, ribbons, witty jingoist slogans(which will no doubt demonstrate our bellicose and vengeful nature to those who doubt our moral superiority) therefor I am patriotic!
I swear this node had a point but was lost somewhere in the ranting.

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