Last night I made three of my best guy friends (including my boyfriend) watch this movie. I warned them all that it is a sappy chick-flick because I had seen this movie a few years previously and remembered that and that I like it. The film stars Marisa Tomei, Christian Slater and Rosie Perez. Tomei and Perez are good friends who waitress together at a diner in Minneapolis and Slater is the bus boy there. One night, after Tomei's character is walking home from the late shift alone, two guys who were customers of hers at the restaurant try to rape her when Slater's character comes to her aid. It is then exposed that he has been following her home every night to make sure that she gets home safely...he is shy and fairly without people skills and although Tomei feels a little creeped out, she gets to know him because she feels grateful towards him...After Tomei falls in love with him, she discovers that he has major heart problems which causes the main emotional feedback to the movie.
As I said before, I was watching this with three guys and two of three of them enjoyed it and were as sad as I was by the end...Guys: watch this film and take cues (just don't become a stalker, ignore that part.)

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